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Long Awaited Update

Got my news program working again and just sending an update to say I'm still actually here, looking at the site from time to time. Chances are you're browsing here because it's an easy way to download a ROM real quick. I actually use this site myself just because it's easier.

I'm going to at some point provide links to alternate URLs from a different ROM pack as I've noticed some of the GOOD packed ROMs don't work properly with RetroArch. More to come there.

In the most exciting news for me personally since I started this site, we're now on a business internet connection! That means port 80 is no longer blocked and you can just type in the URL here straight up, no port numbers required. As such I'm also able to easily get LetsEncrypt SSL certs so the site is available now in HTTPS as well! You'll notice the News Archive page is really the only page with mixed content right now...and to be honest, I'm not going to spend a lot of time fixing that because who the hell is looking at old news posts anyway? Anywho, definitely visit this site via HTTPS now as that's the new thing everyone is doing right? :)

In other news, the forums are still alive over there as well. Stop by if you haven't in a while. We still love games and we still try to play together (Destiny 2 just came out but uh...well most of us stopped).

On a related note, MT and I are working on a gaming site called Massive Combo. We took the remnants of the old DTGS site and ported them over to a site with a far better name. We like to actually play games more than write about or make videos for games, but we'll still add things from time to time. Hell maybe I'll make a video about the direction of Destiny. Who knows. Also related, MT's site is long gone now. Oh well. The new gaming site will be more fun anyway. :)

Hosting things are still around if anyone wants but with the rise of IMGUR, that's probably not really necessary. Hell even I use that now to host stupid images and stuff (except my banners and avatars for some reason). If you're interested though, give me a shout. I can host full domain names if you already have one and I can give you a fairly generous amount of space.

That's it for now. I'm thinking of revamping the site a bit at some point. It's been the exact same design for what...14 years? Could use some streamlining and maybe a little fancier design. Depends on how lazy I'm going to want to be I suppose. :p

» Posted by webhead on Friday, November 17 2017 @ 9:02 AM PST

I'm still alive

Yup, just posting to let you all know I'm still here and still alive. Been looking at some really pathetic old websites and stuff I'd made...including some preliminary designs for this place...I've certainly come a long way since then. Also a lot less annoying than I used to be. :p

I've been toying around with the site and am now redirecting games.thecenternetwork.com over here again. I'll keep the redirect but I want the site back on my server. I honestly have no idea why I wanted to put it up over there. Now I've got ALL of it back on my cool virtual server. Also note that I'm still offering up web hosting for anyone that wants it. Check out the hosting page for details...pretty much just email me and ask and I will set you up. :p

Also I double checked the ROMs to make sure they were all working...they are...so that's good. MT over at the Center has just started a new site as well...called Downright Fierce. You can find that over here. If you're into fighting games, he's going around posting videos of tournaments and videos from XBOX Live/Playstation Network. Site uses the same awesome software that the Center Network main site uses...something that NORMAL people can use to make websites. It's working out pretty well and we've finally gotten around to making it IE compatible. I might also note there...I sincerely hate Internet Explorer. If you're still using it...go here and get Firefox. You'll be glad you did. It's faster and more secure as well as the fact that there are a bazillion addons for it.

Finally, if you haven't hopped over there in a while, do wander back to the Center Forums. We always love a new or old face...pretty much anyone that posts is welcomed. :)

» Posted by webhead on Wednesday, May 6 2009 @ 5:37 AM PST

Roms All Fixed

As some may have noticed...since I moved to the new Linux server, some of the roms pages got broken. The bad thing here however is that I didn't realize it was nearly all of them. A friend of mine pointed out the Sega page was broken and then I found that the NES page was broken as well.

Rest assured I've fixed up all the pages and everything should be good to go from here on out. If anyone spots anymore errors, don't hesitate to let me know.

» Posted by webhead on Monday, August 11 2008 @ 6:52 AM PST

Hosted News

If you hadn't noticed, the hosting server has seen a big change. I've put stuff up here and there on the Center and around where I can, but obviously I need to put something up here. I've gone to a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) and even got a hosting panel for all you people that want or had hosting. If you haven't already, definitely give me a shout out either in a PM on the forums, or using the link in my name here for this news post.

At this point if you don't have hosting but want it, feel free to ask as well. Everyone gets a nice subdomain (http://yourname.kitfwi.com:1337) and everyone gets FTP, a filemanager, and a hosting panel (which is where the filemanager is). So again, if you haven't already, let me know and I'll get you set up.

» Posted by webhead on Tuesday, June 3 2008 @ 9:38 AM PST

New Look and a New Network

Well I decided to give the KITFWI website a once over to get it nice and fitted into the new Center Network. As you may have noticed DBZCenter and Naruto Chuushin have (somewhat) returned and with that KITFWI has joined the Center Network. You must have no doubt noticed that I've moved the main site to http://games.thecenternetwork.com now. There should be some more changes coming soon, so keep an eye out. If you haven't already, don't forget to stop by the forums and register to talk about anything and everything.

If you have any questions or suggestions, as always, feel free to email using the link in my name. Happy downloading!

» Posted by webhead on Thursday, February 1 2007 @ 11:43 PM PST

Lack of Activity

If you come here at all, then I'm sure you noticed an extreme lack of activity nowadays. Well, rest assured that I don't plan on shutting the place down or anything like that, but do keep in mind that I am sitting on top of an assload of N64 roms that I will eventually get around to posting as well as a shit ton of Gameboy roms.

I've also decided to try and revamp the emulator pages and also at some point put up an FAQ for all the people that are still new to the whole "emulation" scene. I've noticed that when you tell people about it and even give them the program, they still have no clue what to do with this stuff. So be on the lookout, I hope to have a nice handy FAQ for all you newbies. smile.gif

Oh and let's not forget the forums. I'm sure you're wondering what happened to the KITFWI forums. If you have not already then make your way over to The Vertex. I essentially just merged it with KITFWI. If you try to go to the KITFWI forums you will be automatically redirected there. We've had quite a bit of success with the new palce, so I'm happy. It's very active and there are plenty of gamers there, so don't miss out. At some point I may put up the old red KITFWI skin as a throwback for my KITFWI buddies, but I don't think anyone likes red all that much anyway, so I prolly won't bother. tongue.gif

» Posted by webhead on Saturday, May 20 2006 @ 3:13 AM PST